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The Loop Loft The Art Of Brushes Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT 英文版 CD

General Files project is a part of General World network and a unique search engine that supports both file sharing services and direct links. It is a result of the great experience of our team of professional developers. To begin with, our projects originally were of enthusiastic character. And as we were gradually developing and growing, our projects were becoming more and more advanced. Since then our team has grown multiple times and now we have several separate departments: planning, programming, advertisement, support and parsing ones.

GF absorbed all the groundworks and ideas of our previous search engine projects such as,,, each of which is continuously developing and has a number of unique features. For instance, stands out as with a special function of being a playground for all innovations. There they are put to tests which are mainly conducted by our community. The most successful ideas are then implemented on and ones not so popular, but still requested by some, stay on

The experience we got working on, in its turn, laid down the foundation for our new search engine, to which we added some cool options in strong belief that General FiIles will see a real breakthrough eventually. That’s why we hope and believe this project to become number one in the file search niche, because it has every prospect for success. We have already surpassed many really good competiting file search engines in terms of search quality, speed of the database growth and its size.

Still we have a lot of things to implement. We are planning to increase the social networking capability and pay special attention to community-related options and features. As part of this trend we'll soon make a so called “idea box” to make it easier for our users to tell us what they want to see at our websites and request special options and features. We try to make a convenient and beneficial social component, with many possibilities for easy and handy social interactions of our users. Another example of our movement toward social networking is the current development of a bonus system. You can think of it as of a kind of internal game: the more active you are, the more bonuses you earn to spend later for some useful features. This should be an additional motivatation for registration and joining the community. After adding other users to the list of you friends, you can observe their actions in the "friends feed". In addition, our users have an opportunity to make recommendations and reports, request and recieve passwords, send messages both to other users and to the site developers and many other things.