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Lynda com Typography for Web Designers 英文版 DVD 出品的時長6小時25分鐘的 網頁設計排版 視頻教程。由Laura Franz講述了網頁設計人員是如何選擇一個網站的字體,并創建優美,清晰類型的網頁。教學演示了網頁創建設計時,最大限度地處理字體大小、行高、線長、對齊、顏色、文本語塊的垂直空間和創建數據層次,使網頁更具可讀性。內容還包括網頁字體的編入,CSS式樣,使用兩種字體融洽創建協調一致性等等。本教程附帶練習文件。

Course name: Typography for Web Designers

Author: Laura Franz

Duration: 06h 25m

Released on: 7/14/2011

In this course, Laura Franz shows web designers how to choose fonts for a web site and create beautiful, legible type. Typography for Web Designers shows how to create designs that maximize readability (and keep visitors on the page) by attending to size, line-height, line length, alignment, color, chunking text with vertical space, and creating hierarchy. Lessons are also included on the incorporation of web fonts, styling type with CSS, and creating font harmony by using two fonts that work well together. Examples of how professionals apply these typographic rules on their sites are also shown. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
Understanding how good typography promotes reading
Choosing web-safe fonts
Applying web fonts in CSS with @font-face
Adding and applying the Google Fonts syntax
Finding and applying a good font size, line height, and line length
Improving a color palette by improving contrast and reducing optical vibration
Understanding how people mentally organize, or chunk, visual elements
Applying a system of hierarchy in HTML and CSS
Applying vertical spacing in CSS
Adding emphasis within a heading
Understanding classic and modernist typographic pages
Adding a list of links
Creating drop caps
Fixing quotation marks, apostrophes, and dashes