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Blender Cookie 2010 CG Cookie Blender Training Series PART 05 Materials And Textures 英文版 CD

2010 CG Cookie Blender Training Series. With the introduction of Blender 2.5-2.6, we are very excited to be one of the first to offer a complete, introductory, video training bundle to the Blender community. Not only will this bundle make the transition from previous versions of Blender to Blender 2.5 (Eventually 2.6) easier, but it also will give the new user the boost they need to get up to speed quickly.

With the dramatic changes now in Blender 2.5 builds, everything from the beautiful new interface to custom key maps, there is a lot of information to wrap your head around. Having treaded the waters of Blender training for the past two years, we at CG Cookie strive to give you the very best. Instructor Jonathan Williamson will introduce you to this years Blender and walk you through how to use it in our training series.

With so much ground to cover, we have decided to break up the training into two series in order to allow more focus on the individual sections. This also lets us provide both the beginner and advanced users with something to play with. For those of you looking to freshen up on some character modeling, texturing or animation, we suggest you go for the latter of the two series. Or if you are just starting out and need some help with the ropes of Blender then you might find it beneficial to shoot for the whole bundle. Either way, the training is structured and presented in such as to provide a little bit for everyone, regardless of your skill level.

Notice: All of the material within this training bundle is subject to change based on the development of Blender

2010 Blender Series Breakdown

With this training series we wanted to offer choices and variety to the levels of training in a single education package. This enables the new artist to obtain the introductory material necessary to develop fundamental skill sets, while still presenting the guidance and opportunity to advance with our “Creating Kara” installment. Intermediate to Advanced users will take interest in our coverage of the advanced character topics, while ensuring beginner artists are able to reinforce the basics.

Though we consider and recommend our training as a single package we are also offering them as two separate installments. The first installment is set to be your introduction to Blender, placing a firm hold on the basics necessary to getting started.

Our second installment will take what is gained through the first installment and put it into practice. We will take a character from the ground up, through the process of modeling, texturing, rigging, and even on animation.