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郵件群發工具 JAM Software SmartSerialMail Enterprise v5.0.4 英文版 CD


SmartSerialMail - Personalized Mail and Newsletters
V5.0.4 - Introductory offer valid until January 10, 2011

With SmartSerialMail you can professionally create, personalize and send newsletters, business letters or info mails.

You can import large recipient lists from different sources (eg Microsoft Excel or Outlook, databases) and define any amount of distribution lists that you like. With the One-Click-Import you can quickly load frequently used lists of recipients. Configure your mails in HTML or text format. The time-saving Quick Parts allow you to personally address every addressee.

SmartSerialMail sends your messages automatically and as a single e-mail to every recipient. Choose an individual dispatch time and let your mails be delivered directly to the inbox server of the recipient.* You can conveniently update your addressee list with the automatable return management. * This allows for the generation of blacklists, which can be compared with recipient lists during distribution, and the automatic processing of subscriptions and cancellations of your newsletter.

* These functions are only available in the Enterprise Edition. We offer the serial mailer as an Enterprise and a Small Business Edition. Quickly compare the range of functions in the overview table and find the correct edition for you.