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微軟SharePoint 2010開發者教程 AppDev Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Developers Volume 1 英文版 DVD

SharePoint 2010的新增功能主要集中在3個方面:開發人員工作效率、豐富的平台服務、靈活的部署,具體來說其新增功能如表1所示:在沒有安裝Visual Studio開發擴展包的情況下,只支持工作流的開發,如果在VS 2008中安裝了開發擴展包的情況下,可以創建的項目類型如圖5所示:

SharePoint 2010 產品分成了兩個版本SharePoint Foundation 2010和SharePoint Server 2010,其中SharePoint Foundation 2010是WSS 3.0的升級,而SharePoint Server 2010 則是MOSS2007的升級,由此我們可以看到SharePoint Foundation 2010 和SharePoint Server 2010之間的關係,SharePoint Foundation 2010是SharePoint2010的基礎,但後者包含了前者全部功能,本文中的SharePoint 2010 是這二者的統稱。

一個新的產品,對於開發者來說,更加關注的是其新增功能。 SharePoint 2010的新增功能主要集中在3個方面:開發人員工作效率、豐富的平台服務、靈活的部署。

我們可以看到SharePoint 2010 有六大功能模塊,網站、社區、內容、搜索、見解和整合應用,相比較MOSS 2007來講,社區、見解和整合應用是其新增功能。不同於普通用戶,對開發人員來說,對一個產品功能的了解更傾向於從自帶功能和可擴展功能兩方面去了解。

SharePoint 2010 has reached a new level of features for .NET and web development that far exceeds previous versions. This course will cover SharePoint 2010 as a development platform, which includes creating sites, lists and pages. In creating these items you'll be introduced to the many new features that SharePoint 2010 has to offer. Then you will cover the new SharePoint projects, item templates, feature and package designer found in Visual Studio 2010. Then this course covers writing managed code with the SharePoint Object Model. After that the course will cover programming lists with managed code including list instances, define views, CAML queries and more. You'll then learn about user controls and web parts. The SharePoint Client model is covered next with object instances and using client objects in managed code, Silverlight and other elements. To end the course you'll see how to program with list items and custom list forms.

In this course, you will learn:

* To setup the SharePoint architecture
* How to use Virtual paths and safe mode
* How deploy files with a module
* To define fields, create content types and list instances
* How to use new SharePoint templates and Projects found in Visual Studio 2010
* How to Display webs and lists with a Web Part
* About manipulating lists and list items, plus create list instances
* To use CAML Queries and LINQ to SharePoint
* About user controls, how to create and delegate controls
* How to Use the client object model in JavaScript (ECMA Script) clients
* To Deal with complex field types
* About creating event handlers and custom list forms

Prerequisites: This course is intended for .NET developers who want to learn how to create custom SharePoint solutions. This course requires and understanding of Web development with .NET technologies and Visual Studio. It does not require knowledge of SharePoint, but that is helpful to get the most out of the course.

Your Instructor

Doug Ware has been developing with, and helping others understand, Microsoft tools since picking up Visual Basic 3.0 in 1994. He spent most of the 1990's developing applications with Microsoft Office and was an MVP for Microsoft Access from 1998 to 2000. He is the leader of the Atlanta .NET User Group, one of the largest user groups in the Southeast US, and is a frequent speaker at code camps and other events. In addition to teaching and writing about SharePoint, Doug stays active as a consultant and has helped numerous organizations implement and customize SharePoint as owner and founder of eLumenotion. Doug is also the creator of the popular eLumenotion SharePoint Skinner tool for creation of SharePoint themes.