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rv samplepacks re produce 002 Stryke AiFF WAV 英文版 CD

Greg Chin (also known as “Stryke”) is a producer with releases on
reputable labels like Plastic City, Tronic, Ovum Recordings, Hooj Choons,
and his own Three-O-Five Digital. He’s remixed artists such as Depeche
Mode, Pink, Danny Howells, Murk, and many others. He’s also a company
spokesperson for Avid’s audio division (Digidesign/M-Audio/Sibelius) and
a beta tester for Pro Tools and its A.I.R. virtual instrument division.

Stryke recorded and rendered the re:produce 002 samples using Pro Tools
8, with the synths and textures all recorded in C open across 5 octaves,
from low to high. (For your convenience, he indicated the tempo of each
loop in its file name.) When asked for feedback about the re:produce:
002 pack, Stryke said: “I dug deep into my personal synth and drum
programming arsenal to share some of my unique sounds and drum patterns.
The synth textures and bass sounds are all exclusive and designed by me.
I used Digidesign’s Hybrid and Vacuum, as well as a few other rare
goodies. I’ve created new drum patterns at a couple of different bpms,
which can be easily used in your projects as well. I hope you enjoy
using this re:produce pack as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!”

The re:produce packs contain an average of roughly 100 MB of samples.
They feature a variety of royalty-free 24-bit WAV audio files, complete
with ready-to-use practical bonuses such as Battery kits, other
instrument patches, pre-mapped Ableton files, MIDI data files and more.
They are set to pique your curiosity—and your speakers—with regular
installments from in-demand artists like Phil K, Komposit, Stryke, TOWMF,
Absence of Essence and many more! Whatever genre, style, sound or
instrument you need, we’re confident that you’ll find it in one of our
re:produce packs.