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攝影創意靈感視頻教程 Natalie Fobes Photographer Creative Inspirations 英文版 CD

中文名: 攝影創意靈感視頻教程
英文名: Natalie Fobes Photographer Creative Inspirations
資源格式: 光盤鏡像
發行時間: 2010年
地區: 美國
對白語言: 英語
文字語言: 英文

英文名 - Creative Inspirations - Natalie Fobes, Photographer
編碼及尺寸: AVC1 960x540 | MP3 128 Kbps
文件大小:567 MB


本教程向學習者介紹了世界最為著名的攝影記者之一Natalie Fobes。 Natalie的冒險精神和獨特的把握瞬間的能力對廣大學習者來說非常有啟發性。 (文:life_is_good@YDY)

This installment in the Creative Inspirations documentary series introduces the diverse talents of one of the world's great award-winning journalistic photographers, Natalie Fobes. Whether on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea facing frigid cold and 40-foot waves, or capturing a bride and groom moments before I do, Natalie uses her innate storytelling abilities to capture a moment forever. Her instinctive ability to compel her lens to speak so eloquently has garnered her over 200 awards, numerous fellowships, and a finalist spot for a Pulitzer.

Natalie is a mother, teacher, and writer, and is constantly seeking her next creative outlet. From her beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound to a spectacular nature shoot in the Olympic National Forest, Natalie shares her journey with us through memorable stories and unforgettable images .

Watch how she has both braved the elements to get the best shot, and reinvented herself to adapt to the shifting sands of her profession.

Natalie Fobes, Photographer
Introduction 01:58
Pursuing passion 03:24
Finding visual journalism 03:35
The salmon story 05:22
Getting the shot: Tulalip Fish Ceremony 03:18
National Geographic: Exxon Valdez cover story 05:33
Telling stories with images 04:10
Creating photo-books 04:20
Getting the shot: Portrait shoot 03:10
Giving back: Blue Earth Alliance 02:48
Seeking out adventures 03:37
Teaching the business of photography 02:43
Creative philosophy 02:32
Interview with Lynda Weinman 08:00