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從PowerPoint 2008移植到PowerPoint 2011視頻教程 Migrating From PowerPoint 2008 For Mac To PowerPoint 2011 英文版 DVD 出品的時長1小時的從PowerPoint 2008移植到PowerPoint 2011 視頻教程。由David Rivers講述怎樣能夠在這兩個版本之間順利過渡,回顧界面和功能的變化,並演示PowerPoint的常規工作任務如何在PowerPoint2011中執行。以及如何解決工作在PowerPoint混合環境中處理文件時的兼容性問題。本教程附帶練習文件。

In Migrating from PowerPoint 2008 for Mac to PowerPoint 2011, David Rivers shows how to make a smooth transition between the two versions. The course reviews the changes to the interface and features, and shows how common PowerPoint tasks are performed in PowerPoint 2011. It also gives in-depth information on working in a mixed PowerPoint environment and dealing with file compatibility issues. Exercise files are included with the course.


Topics include:

* Exploring the Ribbon interface
* Controlling PowerPoint with shortcuts
* Using the Compatibility Report
* Changing the default file format
* Using the Open XML converter
* Adjusting slide sizes
* Grouping slides
* Animating objects
* Sharing a presentation

Welcome 00:51
Using the exercise files 00:48
14:33 1. Getting Started
Understanding the reasons to switch 01:53
Exploring the new Ribbon interface 05:47
Controlling PowerPoint 2011 with keyboard shortcuts 03:11
Understanding file formats 03:42
16:01 2. Using PowerPoint 2011 in a Mixed Environment
Saving PowerPoint 2011 files to older formats 05:56
Using the Compatibility Checker to stay compatible 03:37
Changing the default file format in PowerPoint 2011 01:57
Using the Open XML converter for Mac 02:36
Best practices for managing files in a mixed environment 01:55
27:35 3. Performing Common PowerPoint 2008 Tasks in PowerPoint 2011
Adjusting slide sizes 03:29
Grouping slides in sections 03:19
Arranging layered objects 03:12
Inserting media from the Media Browser 03:42
Adjusting imported movies on a slide 05:08
Animating objects on a path 05:07
Sharing your presentation over the web 03:38
00:48 Conclusion
Next steps 00:48