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CBT Nuggets: Beginning Web Development 英文版 DVD

You've always admired designers who can create cool Web pages, but guess what* After watching this Don Jones video series YOU'LL be the one building interactive, dynamic Web pages utilizing the latest Web technologies.
Don will show you how use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to lay out Web pages using best practices and SEO-friendly techniques. He'll also show you how to dynamically update portions of Web pages with AJAX and JQuery, and validate user input on HTML forms without submitting the form to the Web server.

What You'll Learn
Video 1: Introduction|12:44
Agenda: learn how to use HTML, CSS, javascript, JQuery, Ajax and PHP.
Video 2: Introducing HTML|27:27
What is HTML* Tag Basics. Simple HTML formatting. Lists. Bold, Italic, etc. Paragraphs. Block quotes. Hyperlinks and Anchors. Working with an HTML editor. Troubleshooting HTML in a Browser.
Video 3: Working with HTML Forms|22:09
The FORM tag. Form Elements and Their Attributes. Submitting a Form. Best Practices for Forms: Labels, Etc.
Video 4: Introducing CSS|25:32
What is CSS* Applying styles to tags. Applying styles to classes. Applying style to IDs. Meta-styles: Hover, Active, Etc. Cascading and Sequential Selectors. Differences Between Browsers.
Video 5: Commonly-Used CSS Styles|21:59
Margins and Padding (and understanding metrics). Font Control. Color Control. Background Images and Repeating. Etc.
Video 6: The Cascade in CSS|19:27
Working with Local Stylesheets. Working with the STYLE Attribute. Working with Multiple Stylesheets. Troubleshooting the Applied Style.
Video 7: Page Layout with HTML and CSS|26:20
Using DIV and SPAN tags. Understanding Floats. Understanding Positioning. Browser Hacks.
Video 8: Building a Complete Page in HTML and CSS|22:25
The core text. Adding a footer. Adding a navigation bar. Adding a sidebar. Breaking out modular sections into separate files. Using server-side includes for modular sections.
Video 9: Introducing javascript|22:00
What is javascript* Adding a Script to an HTML Page. Variables in javascript. Object-Oriented Programming in javascript.
Video 10: The javascript Language|26:48
Logical constructs. Looping constructs. Arrays and Collections. Displaying simple messages. Using a browser-based debugger.
Video 11: javascript Functions|20:05
What are Functions* Function input. Function output. Creating an example function.
Video 12: Search Engine Optimization|25:59
Put Content First, Boilerplate Last. Using META tags. Image ALT attributes. Don?t Use Tables for Formatting. Focus on Rich Content and Contextual Keywords. Submitting a Site to Google and Bing. Using XML Sitemaps.
Video 13: Introducing JQuery|26:24
What is JQuery* Selecting Elements. Testing Elements. Modifying Elements. Attaching Event Handlers. Working with Forms. Intro to Server-Side Scripting in PHP. What is PHP* Verifying the PHP installation. Writing a simple PHP page. Finding and Using the PHP documentation. The structure of a PHP AJAX script (Outputting javascript; Outputting JSON; Outputting Simple Data; Outputting HTML).
Video 14: Intro to Server-Side Scripting in PHP|19:42
What is AJAX* Writing a Simple Server-Side Script in PHP. Posting with AJAX. Submitting a form with AJAX. Retrieving dynamic HTML with AJAX. Executing a Script with AJAX.
Video 15: JQuery AJAX|20:04
What is JSON* How JSON and AJAX Work Together. Using JSON data in javascript. A Complete JSON Example.
Video 16: Dynamic Programming with JSON|17:58
What is JQuery UI* Creating a JQuery UI Download. Adding JQuery UI to a page. Showing and hiding elements dynamically. Using effects.
Video 17: JQuery UI and JQuery Effects|16:26
Using an accordion. Using tabs. Using dialog boxes. Using the Validator plugin.
Video 18: Using JQuery UI and JQuery Plugins|25:22
Cleaning AJAX-submitted data. Cleaning form-submitted data. Where to put your scripts in the HTML page. When to use HTML tables (and when not to). Best practices for page layout.
Video 19: Best Practices|19:43
Create the HTML. Create the CSS. Add javascript and JQuery. Testing the Page.