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無線通訊開發軟件 Gemalto Developer Suite V3.4.2 英文版 CD

Gemalto 的新版Developer Suite 3.4支持Windows vista且內含在線更新服務,方便用戶在Gemalto產品出新時實時更新。同時支持無線通信技術(Near Field Communication, NFC)和智能卡網絡服務器(Smart Card Web Server, SCWS)您可以在端對端的模擬環境中用NFC Tag Simulators, NFC Reader Application Simulators, Server Simulators等嵌入網絡瀏覽器的仿真器來開發Applets, Servlets

Developer eases Wireless Solutions development for the Java developers, ?
?managing such development directly in a familiar environment: the Java ?
?Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Hence, the developer will ?
?smoothly understand the Java Card specificities. ?
? ?
?Dedicated Java Card wizards enable easy project creation and Wireless ?
?Applications code generation. These Rapid Application Development Wizards ?
?are designed with valid default values (always click on 'next' button) to ?
?quickly create an operational standard application in a real smart card. ?
? ?
?This significantly decreases the developer learning curve and the total ?
?development time! ?
? ?
?Test ?
?Developer comes with an end-to-end Simulation Suite: ?
? ?
? * Card Simulators for SIM Cards, USIM Cards, R-UIM Cards and NFC Cards ?
? * Mobile Simulators for 2G, 3G and CDMA ?
? * Server Simulator ?
? ?
?This end-to-end Simulation Suite combined with the features of the IDE ?
?provides One Click Debugging of your Wireless Applications! Your Applet ?
?will be 100% functional when you download it on a real card. ?
?Deploy ?
? ?
?Using the Application Manager available with the Developer, you may easily?
?download your Applets in a real card and then test it either with our ?
?end-to-end simulation environment or with a real Mobile and the real ?