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In InDesign CS5: Collaborative Workflows with InCopy CS5 Anne-Marie Concepci褍n shows how Adobe InCopy CS5 and InDesign CS5 work together, helping editors and designers collaborate on publications, and save time and money, with no additional hardware, software, or expensive publication management systems. This course shows how to set up for the workflow, how to address cross-platform Mac and Windows issues when working in a mixed environment, how to work with remote writers and designers, and how to integrate with Microsoft Word. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
* Setting up projects and users on a local network
* Using e-mail-based assignments and Dropbox to manage remote users
* Copyfitting and formatting text
* Using advanced editing tools
* Working with paragraph, character, and table styles
* Tracking changes in InCopy and InDesign
* Creating cross-references and hyperlinks
* Creating InCopy templates
* Combining InCopy with Microsoft Word
* Inserting and formatting images
* Reviewing features specific to InDesign CS5