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Siemens FEMAP v12.0 with NX Nastran for x64 Multilanguage 2018
Femap v12.0新版發佈!

Femap是一種先進的工程仿真軟件程序,用以創建複雜工程產品和系統的有限元分析模型,並顯示解決方案的結果。事實上, Femap 能夠創建部件、裝配件或系統模型,並確定某一給定操作系統的行為反應。

您可以利用 Femap 的數字化仿真功能:

Femap 是一套獨立於 CAD 系統的程序,可存取來源於所有主流 CAD 系統的圖形數據,包括 CATIA , Pro/Engineer , NX , Solid Edge , SolidWorks 以及 AutoCAD 。一旦圖形導入,您就可以準備模型進行分析,利用圖形定位器識別和顯示潛在的故障個體,比如裂片,然後利用圖形清理工具將它們移除或禁用。 Femap 還提供了很多創建和修改圖形的功能,這樣就可以在創建有限元模型時對模型做一些必要的變更。

Language:Multilanguage :Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German, Japanese
Femap - Siemens PLM Software's pre-and postprocessor independent of CAD for engineering of finite element analysis (FEA) (Finite Element Analysis). This means that Femap is the link between the user and the solver - the kernel that performs the calculations in engineering analysis problems. Integrated with the NX Nastran solver, the Femap system runs on Microsoft Windows, is part of the Velocity Series product line, and is an independent, full-featured environment for modeling, simulating and evaluating product analysis results.
The Femap system on the basis of the NX Nastran solver allows: to analyze the dynamics and strength of structures, machines and structures, to obtain the solution of non-stationary non-linear spatial problems, the problems of mechanics of composites and composite structures, building and technological mechanics, to analyze the heat transfer, to obtain the solution of problems of fluid and gas mechanics related multidisciplinary tasks.

Basic Femap modules with NX Nastran allow for basic types of engineering analysis, such as linear static analysis, analysis of frequencies and forms of free vibrations, analysis of the stability loss of structures, analysis of problems of stationary and non-stationary heat exchange, basic non-linear analysis capabilities. Basic nonlinear analysis includes taking into account such non-linearities as geometric (large deformations, displacements, tracking loads) and physical (accounting for nonlinear materials - plasticity, creep, viscoelasticity), accounting for contact interaction with small displacements - “linear” contact, accounting for contact with the condition of continuity . Advanced Nonlinear Module (Advanced Nonlinear) is used in the analysis of large nonlinearities (including the deformation of [Elastomer | elastomers], taking into account the spatial contact interaction), combination of various types of nonlinearities, as well as in modeling and calculating fast nonlinear dynamic processes based on an explicit integration scheme. Femap includes three additional modules: Femap Flow Solver - allows the analysis of hydro and gas dynamics; Femap Advanced Thermal Solver - provides a set of capabilities for analyzing heat and mass transfer, including modeling of fluid channels, coupled convection and analysis of hydro-, gas-dynamic flows; Femap Thermal Solver is a solution for temperature analysis and heat transfer analysis. Femap is used by specialists from design organizations to model complex structures, systems and processes, such as satellites, airplanes, military electronic equipment, heavy construction equipment, cranes, sea transport and technological equipment.

Siemens FEMAP v12.0 with NX Nastran for Win 64-bit
Year / Date Release:2018
Developer:Siemens PLM Siemens PLM
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Win XP is not supported!
Interface language:Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German, Japanese
Tabletka:Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)

System requirements:

Language:Multilanguage :Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German, Japanese
Processor:Pentium 4 / Atlon XP 2500+ and above
RAM:1 GB and above
Disk space:2.5GB Video
card:128MB minimum