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eDrawings Pro 2018 Suite Build 2018-11-01
eDrawings 是用於共享和存檔 2D 和 3D 產品設計數據的免費查看和發佈應用程序。eDrawings™ 軟件是第一個支持電子郵件功能的交流工具,它大大簡化了產品設計信息的共享問題。 使用這一工具,可更加有效地與參與產品開發的每個人進行協作。 利用快速、可靠且方便的 eDrawings 文件,可以準確展現借助市場上使用最廣的 CAD 系統所創建的 3D 模型和 2D 工程圖。

eDrawings software is suitable for sharing CAD files in compressed format and get feedback from users. The program in the form of a plug-in environment code, such as AutoCAD, Pro Engineer and Salydvrk added and you can render output project under compression format eDrawings e-mail and other ways to connect with others to share to their opinions about know product design. This product can work in teams to conference co-operate on product design.

It can also compress, view other team members will also be asked about product design. There is no limit on the number of the recipient and the recipient has sent a proposal for infinity. You can see by the comments submitted by the various working teams to track, manage and see together. This format is used to automatically extract and so team members can access files.

An interesting feature of this product allows you to disable some sensitive parts of the project. For example, if you do not want to share with others information about the size, you can easily disable the feature allows users on the door. It is noteworthy that only people can edit files related to this program on your system that it will be installed. At the same time they can be published Viewer program files as read-only view.

EDrawings software package content:

Creo Parametric:

ProE WildFire:


Solid Edge ST2-ST10:

Autodesk Inventor 2010-2019:

System Requirements:
Operating Systems Supported:
-Windows XP/Vista/7even/8.x/10

Software Prerequisites:
-Autodesk Inventor 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019
-WildFire 3.0,4.0and5.0,Creo(Parametric)1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0&5.0
-Siemens PLM NX8,NX8.5,NX 9.0,NX 10.0,NX 11.0&NX 12.0
-ProE WildFire 2.0-5.0,
-DS CATIA V5 CATIA V5 R21,CATIA V5-6R2012,CATIA V5-6R2013,CATIA V5-6R2014,CATIA V5-6R2015,CATIA V5-6R2016&CATIA V5-6R2017
-Siemens Solid Edge ST5,ST6,ST7,ST8,ST9&ST10

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