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Mentor Graphics FloTHERM XT 3.3

FloTHERM XT 是針對電子產品設計流程所需的散熱模擬分析解決方案,可以從概念設計到後續的生產製造階段皆可使用,可以提升產品的品質,可靠度及縮短上市時間。藉由整合 EDA 及 MCAD 設計流程,FloTHERM XT 可以讓工程師使用相同的設計資料進行完整的散熱模擬分析,大大縮短研發時程,有效節省成本。
FloTHERM XT作為業內首個結合MDA­EDA的電子散熱仿真解決方案,相對於傳統仿真軟件具有獨特的技術優勢:
FloTHERM® XT是一款從概念設計覆蓋至設計驗證價段的電子散熱軟件
4.源自兩個成功軟件的DNA: FloTHERM和FloEFD
Mentor Graphics FloTHERM XT 3.x 
Mentor Graphics Corporation, a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products and consulting services, has released FloTHERM XT 3.0, is a unique, award-winning thermal simulation solution that can be used during all stages of the electronics design process - from conceptual design to manufacturing - improving product quality, reliability and time-to-market.
This solution addresses two of today's trends which are electronic challenges and geometric complexity. The electronic challenges are driven by increasing speed, density, and power consumption of ICs, PCBs and electronic systems. The increasing geometric complexity is driven by decreasing size and the increased influence of industrial design which requires handling of complex shapes. The FloTHERM XT technology efficiently interconnects mechanical design automation (MDA) and electronic design automation (EDA) domains and addresses the needs of design engineers as well as thermal specialists.
This electronics cooling simulation solution enables earlier virtual prototyping, fewer design iterations, and advanced "what-if" analysis for improved product quality and faster time-to-market benefits. Key markets where the FloTHERM XT product can benefit design teams from components to systems of electronic applications are industries such as automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, computing, industrial automation and consumer electronics.
Combining the electronics cooling DNA from the Mentor Graphics(R) Corporation's market-leading FloTHERM(R) thermal analysis software, and Concurrent Computational Fluid Dynamic (Concurrent CFD) technology from the FloEFD(TM) product, the FloTHERM XT solution offers the power and performance to solve complex electronics systems design problems. The product's easy-to-use interface is fully configurable so new users can customize the functionality features on the screen, providing a scalable user experience that can be adapted as the needs of the design project change.
Imported or CAD-generated geometries work seamlessly with the FloTHERM XT's SmartPart library of models, and automatic meshing and data convergence provide significant reduction in execution times. It also provides an easy and intuitive direct interface to enterprise platforms such as the market-leading Mentor Expedition(R) Enterprise solution. The direct integration of the FloTHERM XT product with PCB design flows will reduce time-consuming data translation and costly errors. As a result, FloTHERM XT is the only solution on the market that allows engineers to work effortlessly with geometry created in the MDA or EDA world.